Restoration Planning

The Otama Ecological Restoration Plan is based on established international standards and informed by locally and international experts.
  • The overall plan developed and managed by local community stakeholders.
  • It is a living document to inform future conservationists about the pathway we have and will undertake.
  • Because we are serious about success this ecological restoration will employ explicit monitoring so that the plan can adapt over time.

History / Background Information

Public & Stakeholder Engagement

Clear Goals / Specific Targets (9.50)

30% Design (This Document)

Big elements of what we want to do on order to create the budget

  • What general resources
  • Hydrology
  • Soils
  • Vegetation
  • Animals
  • landscape connectivity
  • Monitoring & Assessment
  • Improve, Innovate, Learn
  • Communication what is being done

1) Basic Guidlines for Ecological Restoration – Society For Ecological Restoration Standards (PDF)

2) General Steps in A Restoration – [Professor Sam Anderson]